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A great, unique release - 90%

vrag_moj, May 26th, 2005

For me at least, this album is striking because of its approach to making what is essentially still dark Black Metal. Their choice of instruments excludes anything with strings, relying instead on multi-layered synthesizers very neat, triggered drums and the usual vocal roars and screeches. It is not a new approach, Profanumum’s work harking back to that of Summoning and Dargaard, but absolutely devoid of the atmospheric guitar layer of the former and with the addition of drum beats that Dargaard, for the most part do not use.

The production is clean and cavernous – unhindered by the rumble and fizz of guitars the synthesizers create vast soundscapes and sweeping melodic passages in a distinct atonal Black Metal spectrum. There are three recognisable tones – a simulated female choral sample a la “In the Nightside Eclipse” clean classical piano and synthesized violin. There are some deeper tones, sounding like something more common on industrial recordings, but they create a suitably classical atmosphere…In fact the whole working here is apparently deeply influenced by classical music, which for me is hard to tell, not being a great fan of the classical composers. The stylistic leanings towards classical compositions is clear enough though. The music is composed in movements with clear distinctions and changes of mood, which exceed the number of tracks on the album. Makes it more interesting.

What can I say – I cannot begin to comprehend the musical skill required for such a performance, but the music comes to my great liking. Its is deeply atmospheric, dark and majestic, fitting very well into the band’s chosen Black Metal framework. A great, unique release! Too short, in fact…