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For those that enjoy classical - 92%

Sublime_Annihilation, January 13th, 2004

Now, this is my first review so please disregard any lack of knowledge or inaccurate statements.

That aside. Upon finding that this band used violins and pianos in place of guitar and bass I was obsessed. I managed to get my hands on this seemingly rare CD. When I mean for people that enjoy classical, I mean it. Vocals do not start until about 8:26 on track one, and when they do, they have a distorted, fuzzy, metallic sound, hard to explain, really. Unfortunately, their vocals do not last long, though I can’t say having more would fit in, so I cannot deduct much for that. Much like the first song, vocals do not begin until 2:45, and before that is a voice that sounds like it’s coming off a loudspeaker. I cannot say this is a filler effect, because all of it builds up to the moments of when the vocals begin, dotted here and there are sound effects that must have some relation to the music. I have no idea what either of songs are about. It is in either Latin, or the native language of Poland, or both, as far as I determined in the booklet included. Which is rather vivid and dark, perfectly matching the atmosphere created by the music, and quite long. The classical music element is wonderful, along with the rest, and quite sadly, short. The two songs themselves are long, but only add up to 38 minutes and 31 seconds. It leaves me waiting earnestly for their next release.