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Best thrash from Mexico? - 83%

tylr322, December 10th, 2012

Real Mexican thrash indeed, this may be the best thrash band from Mexico. Listening to this band made me realize that there is hardly any Mexican thrash or at least not any noteworthy stuff. Only really Raped God 666 is the other good one I can think of and both only cropped up quite recently, too. I guess you could count Mortuary, but as far as pure thrash bands go I can't think of a better one than Profanator. Libido Clerico is a flat-out assault of endless fucking riffs. They may not be winning awards for originality but Jesus shitting Christ, the effort these guys put in is not kept a secret.

Listening to the first two tracks, "More Dirty Than Any Trash" and "Licking to Mary", you can immediately tell this isn't your typical retro thrash band. They are serious about what they are delivering. Violent, blasphemous, perverted, and intoxicated thrash that you can feel boiling in your veins. Even if there is a couple of generic song titles that appear extremely unoriginal and typical, there is just that difference when the band is deadly serious and there is that vibe about these guys. It doesn't even matter that the English is shocking because it kind of fits with the crazy Mexican vocals and relentless thrashing. The riffage isn't exactly technical, but is still fairly intricate at times while still being deadly and impressive.

So overall it's just a consistent album of well-intentioned, no bullshit thrash. As always the mediocrity is worshiped and the very underground bands you have to hunt down like Profanator remain as the ones that are actually worth a damn. This album comes out above a lot of the new cookie cutter stuff these days.