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Profanatica - Thy Kingdom Cum

The nuns have done it again - 87%

Storfeth, December 29th, 2013

It took three years for Profanatica to release their third full-length album. Disgusting Blasphemies Against God was decent, but sounded slightly inferior to my ears compared to its predecessor because of the lack of inspiration at some points. But in their recent work, I have to admit that they sound refreshed and the result is way better.

Starting from the album artwork, it differs significantly from their previous releases and there have been some negative comments. But I’m totally fine with it since it has the essential “cult” character and serves its purpose really well. As for the music, the 40-second noisy intro sounds like an intervention from hell. The opening riff of “Raptureholyhymen” begins and the thin, diseased sound of the guitar fills the atmosphere. The musical structure is relatively similar for all the tracks. The pace mostly follows a mid to fast-tempo, with a steady and firm rhythm section having the starring role without a doubt. Of course some slow, crushing parts could not be missing, with a characteristic example at “Defining Atonement”. Now, regarding Paul Ledney, except for his venomous vocals he performs greatly at the drums as well. One of my favorite moments from this album is near the middle of the homonym song, when he interrupts the music just to play a filthy, black ‘n’ roll drum beat and then everything continues from the point they stopped. After 33 minutes the same noisy outro sounds, and the intervention is over.

Apart from the composition details, I have to emphasize on the memorability of the guitar riffs. Literally from the first listen they were imprinted in my mind and the album was constantly on repeat. Also I noticed that the production is relatively rawer and the bass doesn’t have such a leading role compared to the past releases. It is very clearly audible, but it mostly stays in the background accompanying the guitars.

With this record, Profanatica established even more their position as one of the best bands in the genre. Without having to innovate, they just do what they know best and produce one of the best records of 2013. Just push the play button and inhale the blasphemous, intoxicating gas that fouls the air.

Originally written for: The Lair of Storfeth