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They clearly don't like God, Jesus or Mary. - 96%

LordBelketraya, September 30th, 2007

Oh if the censors or religious right only could hear what real blasphemous music sounded like. I used to think American black metal sucked balls but now I have to reserve that for ironically enough Norwegian black metal. This group shows obvious past influences (Blasphemy, Von, Sarcofago, Sextrash, Beherit, Bathory) and make it all their own. The vocals are filthy, disgusting, raw and absolutely hateful. The drums are great for raw, minimalist black metal; monotonous, hypnotizing and repetitive. The guitars are shrill but with certain breaks for melodies even if they are rather simplistic.

This is basically an entire collection of everything from their demos, unreleased tracks and splits from 1990 to 1992. It's basically all you ever need to own from this excellent band. Even though there are some songs repeated none of them sound the same, the production is different and even the way it is played sounds different, practically making them all different songs, each one is unique. I can't enough of this collection and I would rate it in the top 10 of American black metal releases ever and in the top 30 of all time black metal albums. It's that good. This will hold up for many years and hopefully more bands hear this to get a blueprint for more raw black metal in the future. Especially Darkthrone and Satyricon.