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"Renounce" other Doom/Death - 100%

VoltSlash, April 12th, 2007

This is one hell of a Doom/Death masterpiece, and nothing less. Taking a slightly "doomier" approach than the previous two demos (the demos have little hints of Black/Death), "Renounce" is one hell of a debut! It's very good, because it might give them some international recognition, but it also sets the level very high, and it's hard to match this, trust me, I'm talking about Swallow the Sun level here (with a clean voal part to boot). Anyway, I truly believe that they can surpass themselves.

This album has a fixed concept: slow, atmospheric parts where Hugo sings normally, clean vocal style, with a very low and sad voice. Then, when the drums kick it up, he lashes out one of the most amazing gutturals I've ever heard (and I've seen them live... it's even better than in the album), so, vocally, you can travel from utter sadness to the most anger-filled growl in a beat, almost literally speaking.
Instrumentally-wise, the guitars and bass have a great atmospheric presence, and when the said moments come, pure evil and, well, doom pour out from their fingers. The drums set some nice beats, that can, and WILL, get you headbanging easily (I know I did). Lyrically, it's all very melancholic and the ideia of renouncing feelings or actions comes up a lot. Guess that was where the album got it's name!

I won't mention any songs separately, because this is one of those albums that MUST be heard from tip to bottom. It gets the 100% beacuse for a debut, it's as good as they get...