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Groove all the way - 80%

zgole, March 7th, 2009

The Truth hurts is thrash/groove/hardcore record. Pro-Pain is thrash/groove/hardcore band. Someone would probably say: “Nothing revolutionary here”. Except one thing – this is unique thrash/groove/hardcore album! Pro-Pain never made it again, nor did any other band done it. Powerful and strong, The Truth Hurts is classic example how metallic hardcore should sound. It is also good example of how most albums from this band sound, with more or less success.

Guitars play somewhere between New York hardcore and Pantera/Sepultura riffing, and drums are following that type of thrashing. Vocal is roaring in rap tempo, typical for NYHC style, but in more growling way. Whole album is very amusing and catchy. Very quality riffs you can hear in Bad Blood and One Man Army. Down In The Dumps is actually thrash tune. Maximum popularity gained Make War (Not Love), which was first bigger break-through for Pro-Pain, and this tune remained most popular song for them.

Weakest spots on album present classic hardcore riffs and tempos in some parts, which could be boring and annoying. Singing holds same intensity through whole record, and that could taste bad in some parts. Solo guitar plays mostly rock deliveries, not so interesting, but unique. But nevertheless, this is album with great tunes, and even some surprises – saxophone solo, and Ice-T guest vocals (and there goes surprise for those who didn’t hear this record). I specially recommend this album for starters in extreme music. Groove all the way. Classic. Worth having.