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The fastest, thrashiest Pro-Pain yet - 69%

UltraBoris, December 30th, 2002

This is definitely the most solid of the Pro-Pain releases. The riffs have an extra bite, an extra dose of uptempo thrashiness to them. Also, the songwriting is far more consistent from beginning to end, in that the end is just about as strong as the beginning.

Is there anything out of place on this album for Pro-Pain fans? No. It's the band doing what they do best - punkish thrash metal with shitloads of groove, meanwhile not subjecting themselves to Stupid Human Tricks. All the riffs here are fucking solid, in the New York thrash vein.

Highlights... probably "Act of God" for its sheer speed, though "In For the Kill" is nice too, for that slightly-above-midpaced bludgeon-your-face-in value, as is "Burn" with its great under-verses headbanging riff. In other words, the highlights are scattered, and not clustered - this is enjoyable from beginning to end. Crank this one up loud!