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Incredible... - 99%

BloodyPhalluses, March 16th, 2005

I'm really satisfied that I found this band... I was in Hungary, and bought the latest issue of Hammer magazine which had a section on Primordial. I was particularly struck by the cover art which is very dark and subtle, and so I went out and bought the Album.

Well damn, the high reviews stand correct! I can't agree more with what others have already said. This is a very powerful album. Everything about this Album is what music should be. The lyrics strike me the most, with their unique and melancholy tone. Often historical, and very intellectual. There are also small captions beneath each song to briefly explain the content, or the influence behind the lyrics.

A.A. Nemtheanga's vocals are excellent. He has a very gruff voice, filled with expression... his voice ranges from a clean tone to a black metal screech, but he mostly sings in a rough half-growl. But his note range is equally impressive, high to low, low to high, you won't find any monotone singing here... only lots of quality and variety and expression. He doesn't use any vocal effects either, maybe a tiny bit of reverb, but hardly noticeable... it certainly adds to the rawness and power of the album, as well as showcasing his true talent at singing.

As for the music, the sound is well produced, but still raw enough to not sound over-polished and fake. This is probably the most real and down to Earth music I've heard for a long time. The drums are fairly simple, bur pounding and driving... and it doesn't sound like any effects are used, such as triggers or electronic drums. Only pounding of natural acoustic drums, the way it ought to be!

It's not easy to pick one song as my Favorite, but if I had to, I would pick "End of all times" This song is just excellent, with lots of emotion, and deep meaningful lyrics. I also like the outro to the first song, "the golden spiral" which consists of pounding large tom drums, almost tribal...

All in all, this album certainly is some of the best folk/doom metal I've heard in a long time... The only other band I can think of that comes close to these guys is Agalloch from the US (another great folk/doom metal band)... Primordial have mastered the art of dark powerful melodies and interweaving melancholy harmonies...

I highly recommend this album.