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Primigenium - Intolerance review - 90%

lordnausea, November 12th, 2007

Primigenium is one of the first black metal bands from Spain, although they only have a pair of full length albums. This one is at the moment their last and their best album.

The sound of this band is a crude black metal with high consistency. Drums at the most time on speed, a lot of cymbals, an evil voice singing dark lyrics about death, hate, darkness… and the most important thing, a great job with guitars which makes riffs full of feeling, evilness, darkness, melancholy … The production is clear but not crystalline.

In this album there is a cover of the song “Demoniac” of Blasphemy. Although this kind of war metal influences in part the sound of this band mainly in songs as the first of this album “Pure Black fucking Metal”, Primigenium have more atmosphere and darkness than the most of the bands of this style. Is this point which make this album a really good black metal album where each song sounds with personality and a great dose of feeling. Listening to the song “Intolerance” you may understand what I mean.
All the songs are great.

This, at this moment, is the last and best album of Primigenium , an enjoyable album for all who like pure black metal with a great dose of rawness and a dose of feeling. As the information of this page says they are active, so we’ll keep waiting for more material from this Spanish black metal pioneer horde.