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Amongst the Ruins of Cosmos - 90%

Storfeth, June 21st, 2013

Primeval Mass were founded in 2000 and this is their second full-length work. After some line-up changes Orth manages all instruments except for the drums, which are in the hands of Alex Zachos. I had never heard of the band before so I didn’t really know what to expect. Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard.

This release consists of eight tracks that are relatively long in their duration, with the exception of the interlude “Spheres of Deliverance” and the outro “Teeth Like Daggers”. The music breaks in quite furiously already from the beginning, but this is not the case for the whole release. As it flows by, many different elements can be heard. The tremolo picking suddenly gives its place to a heavy metal riffing and even some thrash parts are present. This variety of ideas, along with some atmospheric additions such as the bells in the first track make this work very interesting as it doesn’t sound monotonous at all. If you are a fan of the early greek black metal scene you will spot some influences, while sometimes the whole musical pattern brought to my mind Negative Plane as well. The greatest attribute of this work are the lead parts that really give a special tone, sometimes dark and others a bit weird and mysterious.

Vocals just complete this whole attempt, so Orth in general performs his tasks in a great way. The ferocity of the drums can’t go unnoticed as well, while there are some slower parts that actually release all the tension created by the compositions. The bass has a secondary role and this would be my only objection to the production. But apart from that it’s really fitting the content and marks out the uncanny character of this work.

“Blood Breathing Idols” really came out of nowhere to blow my mind. It is always nice to discover such great albums when you least expect it. I think that Primeval Mass should get more recognition since they play a very interesting style of black metal without sounding like copycats and they add their personal character in their music. I will definitely keep an eye out for them in the future.

Originally written for: The Lair of Storfeth