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Classic Primal Fear - 86%

stormruller, February 4th, 2012

Primal Fear has returned with their 9th studio CD and 3 years after the release of "16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead)" they bring back another good rocking heavy / power metal with fast and strong riffs, if you know this band very well you surely know what I'm talking about. What you can find here is the same sound of Primal Fear's full discography and the amazing vocal lines by Mr. Scheepers.

Throughout the band's career, they've really managed to bring such great anthems with those amazing chorus lines, especially in their first 4 albums, on this new CD you can find more of these "anthem" songs by Primal Fear such as "Bad Guys Wear Black" which the band have chosen as their official videoclip, "And There Was Silence", "Metal Nation", "Unbreakable (Part 2)" with it's amazing chorus "raise your first, walk with me through the fire". Other very nice songs here are
"Give 'Em Hell" and the ballads "Where Angels Die" and "Born Again" which this last one has a very good catchy chorus.

One song that deserves to be mentioned a lot more on this release is the amazing "Marching Again", I find this song to be amazing from the start until the end, it's beginning with a short piano intro and then crashing into very speedy guitar riffs and then Mr. Scheepers vocals with the guitars slowing down a little bit with it's drum battering in the end until the chorus lines which are to be considered one of the best by the band in this release and then leading to another piano entrance to the solo, brilliant song.

This Primal Fear release is for sure one of the best by the band alongisde their first 4 releases, of course their previous ones are good and have some stand-out songs but in "Unbreakable" we can find a lot more Primal Fear "anthem" songs and Mr. Scheepers is once again delivering such great vocals.

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