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Concerts = great, all other = OK, but a bit messy - 80%

Nightrunner, April 13th, 2006

So, Primal Fear’s first DVD release this, which maybe has a little bit misleade title, maybe some people think it’s like a documentary of the band’s career, but that’s not really the case. What we have nailed on this DVD is two concerts, once being from Wacken 2001, in daylight, and one from the Black Sun-tour 2002, in dark. Plus some videoclips (unnecessary thin, in my opinion, since they’re not very good), and also a bootleg session with some clips from different gigs between 1998 – 2003, and hidden in there in the “clip-jungle” is also some filming of the making of the album Black Sun.

As you maybe can realise, the highlights with this DVD is the two concerts, and the making of Black Sun is cool too, but far too short. The “bootleg sessions” though, with all the jumping clips just feels messy / confusing and isn’t really interesting to watch, just annoying.

So the two concerts then, let’s start with the Wacken one. The setlist for this part is really good, can’t find a bad track (except maybe the mediocre “Angel In Black”). The band is tight played, and Ralf’s screams are great (man, this guy looks huge). The only complaint about the show is that it’s played in broad daylight, which sucks. If they would’ve played in dark it would have much more cool with all the fire and bombs. And also the solo’s are really low mixed, and that is kinda sad since Primal Fear spits out great soloing. So, what we have is a great show with a great set-list but a real minus for the daylight. As for the “Black Sun-tour”-show, we have the kind of opposite, we have darkness, but a slightly weaker setlist. They could’ve have put something better on with the 4 last songs, they’re fillers. But that’s the only complain about this show. Everything else is great, the solo’s are better heard here too.

If you’ve never seen Primal Fear live (or if you’re just a fan mainly), then go get this DVD, because you’ll get to watch two great concerts. But apart from that, there’s not much interesting to see, but still a DVD worth buying.