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Definitly not THAT bad! - 75%

TheOnlyMAD, November 4th, 2007

Alright, I had 20$ to spend and decided to spend them on the new Primal Fear album. This album is my first Primal Fear album ever! I've heard a couple of their older songs in the past, but that's it, so I don't really know much about their sound and all of that, so this review is definitly not a fanboy review and I won't compare this album with their other albums since I have never heard them.

I've listenned to the album twice and I think its pretty good! Ok, its nothing spectacular, its nothing new and its far from original musically, but its still pretty enjoyable if you don't mind unoriginality! If their other albums contain fast songs similar to the fast songs from this album then I'm not really interested in getting any of their other albums though because the best songs on this album are actually the ballads and I heard that its the first time they make ballads of that kind! The fast songs are not bad at all, but they are just not very original and they simply sound like unoriginal Priest-wannabe songs, so I don't think I'll be missing much if I don't get any of Primal Fear's other albums because I heard that most of their songs sound like that!

Anyway, like I said, the album is not very original musically, most of the riffs sound like they were taken from the Painkiller album and the vocals sometimes sound a lot like Rob Halford's vocals, but some songs, the ones that don't sound too much like Priest are pretty good! My favourite song on the album is 'Fighting The Darkness'! Its very catchy, it doesnt sounds like a Priest song, the chorus is very good and it actually does sounds a bit original compared to the other songs. Its not very heavy, but who cares? Its very good! My second favourite song is 'Face the Emptiness' which is pretty heavy, but also pretty melodic, the chorus is catchy and its also pretty atmospheric which is a great thing! I wouldnt say there's any bad song on the album, but some like 'Psycho' and 'The Curse Of Sharon' are pretty weak, uninspired and unoriginal... Every riffs in 'Psycho' sound like they were made before and the chorus is pretty poor... Its not bad, but its nothing special at all... As for 'The Curse Of Sharon', there are some good melodies to be found there, but like 'Psycho', its too unoriginal... The biggest low point about the album is that some songs have like one very good riff and the rest is all pretty forgettable... For exemple, the chorus in 'Too Much Time' is pretty good, but the verses are pretty boring... Still... Overall a pretty good album. Funny thing is that I actually can't stand unoriginality, but I still like this album... In fact, I don't think there's more than 2 riffs on this album that weren't done before, but oh well...

I'm not sure I can recommend New Religion to every metal fans... I think I can only recommend this album to metal fans who don't mind unoriginality and who don't go nuts when a metal band make ballads because like I said, the best songs on the album are probably the least heavy ones.

Best songs: Fighting The Darkness, Everytime It Rains, Face The Emptiness, World On Fire and Sign Of Fear.