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Inconsistent, at times glorious - 66%

UltraBoris, August 14th, 2002

No, this album also doesn't sound like Painkiller. However, when it gets good, it sounds like Walls of Jericho. The choruses are far, far better than on the debut album, and there is more than one good song on here. There are quite a few.

The best song on here is the first, "Final Embrace" (the title track being just the obligatory intro, as on most every German speed metal album). "Fight to Survive" and "Save a Prayer" stand out as well, with choruses that just plain sound right, as opposed to the wrong-sounding-at-times choruses that sometimes still abound - "Play to Kill" and "Into the Future" are pretty much a bit silly, as is "Nation in Fear".

"Kill the King" continues the Primal Fear tradition of average covers. The Rainbow song is best redone by Heathen. So overall, while this album has its moments, it is still inconsistent, and just a bit modern-sounding at times. But when it's doing well, it's totally fucking dead on. If Primal Fear could get their shit together for an entire album, they could put out a masterpiece.