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Fear the Jaws of Death! - 98%

PowerMetalGuardian, April 30th, 2003

For only being Primal Fears second album, they definetly know how to leave kick ass impressions on the power metal scene. I have been searching for another great power metal band, but most of them sound all the same. This band, and album, are what I have been looking for! Musically, this album kicks ass. Lyrically, this album kicks ass! Sure it may sound like your average power metal, but it is much much more!

Probably the best part of this album is the guitars. The riffs are well desined and displayed on this album, giving it a deistinct Judas Priest or (Enter Power Metal band name here) sound. What makes this better then all the others are the well written solo's and riffs. Like for example, the opening to When the NIght Comes. The riffs are very catchy, just like most power metal songs, some being very fast, almost a hint of speed metal. But the lyrics definetly define this band as power metal.

That leads me into the singing. What can I say about the singing, it's almost near perfect. It can seem wavy at times, but for the most time its all out there grab your nuts and scream high. It reminds me alot of Halford, which is a plus. In fact I think the singer was going to be in the new line up for Judas Priest, but Ripper Owens got there first. The singing also has a lot of Gamma Ray style, like on the song Hatred in My Soul. Another great thing about this album is the sound effects and intro, Jaws of Death. Nicely performed and makes a clear distinct jump into a fast kick ass song! Even the bass and drums stand out, in there own glory (best seen on the song Church of Blood).

I see no reason why fans of power metal should not own this album. It is probably Primal Fears best, and all in all, a nice piece of metal. I recommend it to power metal fans, if you don't like power metal, you may not care for it. Songs are very catchy and just plain out bang your head power metal! They also do a nice Rainbow cover!!!!