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An outstanding debut - 93%

Aurora Rider, May 15th, 2019

I always loved seeing new bands forming and releasing innovative and groundbreaking music. Apparently, Primal Cult managed to do even more than that. I am talking about the band's first full-lenghth, ''Perennial Fire''. An album which proved that I was more than right to have high expectations after seeing the band live and listening to their EP.

The album gives you an idea of what the music is going to sound like from the very first second, since there are no introductions. What there is instead is the great melodic rift of ''War, Father''. Fortunately, this is going to be followed by numerous other rifts which are just as good, if not better. Melodic, dark and atmospheric, they bear the spirit of the Hellenic black metal scene deep inside. There are great solos, as well, but under no circumstances will they brutalize you or make you want to enter a pit. They are slow, for the most part, and sinister. I would say, in addition, that they totally match the howling voice, which manages to invoke a feeling of forgotten awe and glory. All in all, a really good job has been done with the guitars and vocals.

One thing I have to mention is the use of keyboards. Played the right way, their calm yet epic melodies manage to take the music to the next level. To be accurate, alongside the aforementioned original catchy rifts, they are the key to the unparalleled aura Primal Cult convey. Some kind of haunting musical mastery, whcih is also the outcome of amazing bass lines and drumming. What caught me by surprise is how this band managed to release such a good album so early in their hopefully large discography. i even caught myself trying to find a bad element or something, but still, I was only able to spot some minor unneeded repetitions. Even the lyrics are very well-written and clever. Thumbs up.

In conclusion, ''Perennial Fire'' is an outstanding album even for people whose cup of tea is not black metal. There is an epic feeling to it, as well as classic heavy metal influences. In addition, this album is an example of how a band can be original even if they don't necessarily play a new genre. Plus, it has a great cover artwork. Primal Cult have now made me curious to see if they'll be able to overcome this modern masterpiece.