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CHEESE!!! - 30%

DeviousDarren, January 12th, 2007

Prey plays a '80s friendly style of Metal. The production is crystal-clear with a mix that allows each instrument to be heard. Mid-paced, groove-laden guitars, vocals that focus on the singer's middle range vocals and an occasional keyboard passage are the norm on "The Hunter". It is a hybrid of hard rock and power metal, with a heavier emphasis on hard rock.

Prey is a band of competent musicians. Thomas Nystroem, guitar, plays skillful leads and writes catchy guitar riffs. Their music is not strong enough, though, to save the group from its poor song writing. Lyrically, "The Hunter" portrays some of the most dreadfully awful lyrics filled with cliché and flat out poor writing. The rhymes are elementary, choosing the easiest words to pair together for rhyming. For example, "Forever in Heaven" uses these lines, "Dreams come true, I know they do, That’s the way that I found you". I could predict the next line of each song based on the last word the singer used in each verse. Thomas Mystroem's flat vocal range does not help, either.

Even though "The Hunter" is severely wounded by poor vocals and terrible song writing, Prey has one thing going for them, originality. The group is clearly influenced by hard rock, but there is no one band it is mimicking. The group's music focuses on positive topics, most notably Christian themes. Perhaps they should pray for a more capable singer and songwriter.