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The last good one... - 87%

3415, January 29th, 2005

This album has been critizised by many, but even when it first came out, I totally enjoyed it. In my opinion, this is the last really good album bearing the Pretty Maids monicker; the last one to have any resemblance to the greatness of “Future World” and “Red Hot And Heavy”. From here on, they evolved into a standard hard rock band, one of those you can hear down your local pub on Saturday nights.

“Jump the Gun” has a more commercial approach than previous albums, as evident referring to both song-writing and production. Still, I can remember when I first heard it, and it sounded nothing like I had expected, but exactly like I wanted.

“Lethal Heroes” is one of the best songs they ever wrote, a great metal monster with pounding riffs and high vocals. Magnificent!

“Don´t Settle For Less” and “Rock The House” are both straight-forward rocking songs, good ones both.

“Savage Heart” is the obligatory ballad, a great moody one with magnificent vocals.
Then “Young Blood” picks up the pace a bit before side one finishes in metallic style with “Headlines”, also a great song.

Side two kicks off in magnificent fashion with the title track, before “Partners In Crime”kicks you sideways with great harmonies and a fantastic chorus.

“Attention” is a rather simple song that works ok, nothing special.

After this comes a couple of songs, “Hang Tough” and “Over And Out” that doesn´t really do anything to add to the album, before it picks up againn with final song “Dream On”, a laid back, loose affair that end the album on a good note.

As I see it, “Jump The Gun” is an essential part of Pretty Maids´ recording legacy. Go get it.