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This is the STUFF!! It's LIVE and it fucking ROCKS - 92%

Brat1983, November 7th, 2005

8 years went by for the maids before releasing another live album which actually is fair enough. It's not cool to make a new live album if all the songs are more or less the same.
But that's not the case however on Alive At Least, which is a live compilation with tracks taken from 2 concerts in Japan 2001 (Carpe Diem tour) and 2 concerts in Germany 2002 (Planet Panic tour). I actually happened to catch them live on the second night of their Planet Panic tour in 2002 so I can somehow recall some of the magic by listening to this album.

The maids are in top shape. The crowd (especially on the recordings from Japan) is alive and crazy and singing along on every track.

Compared to the first live album by the maids, Screamin' Live, this album is much better both soundwise and tracklist-wise. Whereas Screamin' Live contained way too many songs off the Scream record, this album covers most of the maids 20-year recording career.

Because it was their 20th anniversary in 2002, they played Shelly the Maid from their first EP for the first time in many years. It's fucking awesome live, I guarantee!!

Actually every single track here rocks and it's a nice move that didn't put songs like "Please don't leave me" and "Back to Back" on here. Both are great songs, no doubt, but they were on the first live album and are played at every PM gig so it's nice not to have them here.

New songs like Tortured Spirit, Destination Paradise, Natural High, Virtual Brutality, Wouldn't Miss You, Playing God and Snakes In Eden are here and they are heavy and smashing live. Notice Michael Fast's drumming on Virtual Brutality. Incredible that snare drum didn't break!

Older songs included Queen of Dreams, Red Hot And Heavy + Cold Killer off "Red Hot And heavy" + of course Future World off the legendary Future World LP. No Pretty Maids concert without that one, that's for sure!

What's left to say? Pretty Maids proves that they're still one of the best european Heavy Metal live acts, delievering the goods on one of the best live albums I've heard in a long long time.