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Polish fancy - 85%

lordazmolozmodial, October 6th, 2012

Poland is one of the first sources of black death metal, and actually it's my best place to fill my ears with the harshness of black death metal music and its lethal roughness, but today Poland is presenting us a special black death metal band that holds a lot of progressive elements, so prepare yourself for the Polish group Praesepe. Praesepe has released their debut album "NGC 2632 v M44" in 2006, and here is the second full-length album, "Vesperae", which continues the musical journey of the band in a very exciting way because the musical style that the band tried to apply in this record is really admirable and it contains a lot of enjoyable elements that helped to make every track on this record fascinating.

The album contains 4 tracks and 5 instrumental tracks, and some tracks like "Fires Of The Calm Sun" run more than 15 minutes, but every moment is really worthy listening to. The instrumental tracks on this record are not as calm as many people think because tracks like "Fragnance Of Old" have a lot of rough riffs and catchy drumming that can take your breath away. The tune of the solos and the harshness of the rhythm guitar embrace the production with their energetic power, so don't think that the album is a standard black death metal album because this record has a real story to tell.

The total sound of the album is actually not typical. The harsh tune of the rhythm guitar and the shapely sound of the lead guitars fit perfectly with the sound of the drums, creating a great example of an original and exceptional type of music. Everything you like about the black death genre exists in this album, but the progressive elements just make everything more dynamic and vital because the clean guitar sections and the progressive drumming pieces add a lot of beauty to the melodies of the tracks. I have to admit that I really love music that has a lot of influences and music that tries to sum up a lot of genres. That's one of the reasons why I fell in love with every track on this record.

If you are searching for only a standard black death metal record, then this album hasn't been created for your ears, but if you have the ability to swallow a special black death metal record that has a lot of progressive touches and a lot of melodic roots, then you must have a copy of this release. To be honest, this record is really promising and I really expect a lot of great releases from this Polish group, and I am sure the new album will have a lot of interesting melodies that can catch our attention from the first listen.

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