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One of the better retro heavy metal bands - 79%

kluseba, December 7th, 2011

Powervice are one of many retro heavy metal bands that are clearly influenced by the hard rock and emerging heavy metal music of the late seventies and the early eighties. They are as solid as genre colleagues such as Bullet, Vanderbuyst, White Wizzard and so on. The band only released one demo tape in 2005 but this could also be a tape from 1982 in the middle of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. They got a record deal but for some unknown reason they split up before they could bring out something promising. The guitar player of the band, Selim Lemouchi, later founded the occult blackened hard rock band The Devil's Blood with his sister and experienced a different kind of music. This band from the underground got some massive media support in the last years, especially by the German Rock Hard magazine and became unexpectedly more or less famous.

What we have here is very solid heavy metal that should please to the fans of bands such as Diamond Head, Iron Maiden or Shy. It's a perfect album for nostalgic hours and to hit the open road during summer time. I like the edgy and smoky vocals on this demo that adds a lot of energy and authenticity to the sound of the band that distinguishes them from other retro bands of the same genre. The music itself has also some changes of style as the atmospheric middle parts in "Nightstalker" and especially the diversified "The End Is Coming". Slower and almost doom passages are mixed with energizing up tempo metal parts in this great track. The discordant guitar tunes make me even think of some grunge influences. As you read this you may understand that this band could have made it very far and been one of the better bands of a worn out genre. They could have found their very own style and are already diversified and charismatic enough to convince on this short demo tape. Powervice surprised me in a positive way.

If you like good old heavy metal with some variety and edges and look for alternatives to your old records and the high amount of mediocre retro rock bands, this tape could be what you need and you should definitely check this out. The three songs really grew on me and left me wanting more. Heavy metal is still alive thanks to the unknown fallen heroes of the present days such as these guys from the Netherlands.