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Absolute ownage - 94%

ozzeh, September 9th, 2007

Imagine Petrucci (Dream Theater) and Romeo (Symphony X) in a band together with the sole purpose of making speed/thrash metal with a huge dosage of NWOBHM influences (Judas Priest) and yet completely distinctive in their own right. Powermad are a progressive speed metal band that has some very enduring characteristics.

This album absolutely slays from track 1 through 10 and there is no filler whatsoever. The beauty of this band is that though there are some slight power metal influences in the vocals that are where the influences stop. The songs are undeniably fast and heavy in nature through the sheer complexity of the guitar leads and solos. To my knowledge this is the most potent speed/thrash/NWOBHM/progressive/technical/power metal album in existence.

The lyrics are absolutely relevant and the chorus on the song “Absolute Power” rings so true today that this feels like a modern release. “Absolute Power” also feels like a modern metal release due to the elite nature of the production. Every instrument is captured in its glory and the production helps this album reach even greater heights.

The drumming is surprisingly excellent and mix perfectly with the jaw dropping guitar playing. Overall, all of the musicians play very well. I definitely recommend this album to fans of “Ample Destruction” era Jag Panzer.