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Heavy Metal masterpiece! - 97%

Znarglaxe, November 15th, 2003

For all you Heavy Metal/Thrash fiends out there who haven't heard of this band, shame on you. This album has everything necessary for heavy metal greatness. The guitars are very thrashy and of high enough quality to where you can make out the seperate guitar parts and can actually hear them crystal clearly. Like all good HM/THrash bands, the beat is also mid-fast paced. Each song done with meticulous care so as to produce a masterful album of heavy metal greatness. The solos on this album are amazing as well, such as on songs like "BNR" and "Nice Dreams" (keep an eye out for the intro solo, great shit). I am surprised that with this album, this band was unable to put out anymore material.

This shit should appeal to any fan of Thrash, Heavy Metal, or "Speed" Metal. Hahah, i said "should". More like it BETTER. I strongly recommend this to any of you who dare to hear greatness.