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The Gods have bled for the Gods!!!! - 100%

cravingforvenom, February 5th, 2009

Powergod is a German heavy metal band that plays eighties inspired speedy power metal. The statement without the band’s name has more usage than any other line on this planet. My point is, this shouldn’t fool you into believing that this is just another run of the mill band that’s doing stuff like many others. What we have here is the third studio effort by the band with one tiny difference. Here they don’t have any songs of their own. Rather, they’ve created a compilation of covers of some of the biggest metal names back in the eighties. And boy, have they done justice or what? They’ve pretty much destroyed all competition that may have even thought of doing an all exclusive covers album.

Prominent bands that’ve been covered here include biggies like Malmsteen, Manowar, Lizzy Borden, Metal Church and even Anthrax. More importantly there are guest musicians all over this compilation including a few from the ones who’re being paid a tribute here. We have the almighty Doro, the maverick Sabina from Holy Moses, the vocal god Rob Rock and even the guitar duo of Juan Garcia and Bernie Versailles from Agent Steel filling in with their artistry, making it a must hear for any true fan of old school heavy metal. Right from track 1 all the way till track 16 every genre in metal that was around back then has been given due importance. Even a band like Stryper which attracted the Christian community has been given a huge honor.

As far as the tracks are concerned, there are no fillers around. Each song is an absolute banger treated with precision and tight musicianship. The faster ones such as Agent Steel’s “Bleed For The Gods”, Anthrax’s “Madhouse” and Nasty Savage’s “XXX” are dealt with brilliantly with the latter track probably sped up twice the speed of the original. The double bass drumming on it is insane and extremely fast. Slow rockers such as Q5’s “Steel The Light” and M.A.R.S’s “You And I” sound a whole lot heavier yet catchy whereas the mid paced tracks too have been covered very well without sounding plagiaristic. The production work put in is modern yet not cheesy and does a whole lot in making every instrument play a significant role.

Here’s the conclusion folks. Not often would you come across a band that pays homage such as this to the metal veterans and also pulling it off in the best possible way. These guys have certainly done their homework and bled, and now make sure it’s your turn to step into the Altar of Sacrifice.

Highly recommended to fans of thrash, power, traditional and even hard rock for a change. Start your lesson 1 now metal heads.