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A Stunning and Timeless Classic - 100%

metal22, December 9th, 2012

Already being a fanatic fan of Dragonforce and Sonata Arctica, I was first introduced to the Quest when one of my metal peers introduced me to 'Temple of Fire'. Taken aback and completely blown away by its warm and uplifting beauty, I decided to check out the rest of the album. I can only say that this is the most stunning and poignant power metal album I have ever heard. With 5 awesome records Power Quest are elitists in the genre, but Neverworld is the untouchable jewel in the crown of power metal.

The tone and atmosphere of the album is one unlike anything else you will here. From the epic opener 'Neverworld (Power Quest Part II) the album glimmers with rich, melodic splendour. This is a somewhat different sound to the superb debut 'Wings of Forever'. Everything is top notch, from the pitch-perfect vocals to the enchanting keyboards ('Temple of fire and 'Sacred Land' in particular). A couple of the tracks have a Van Halen-esque feel to them, especially 'Edge of time' which delves more into the boundaries of classic rock than power metal - it works perfectly and will fill your heart with joy and happiness.

No other band could record an album like this. Alessio Garavello has an otherworldly voice that is demonstrated in his ability to hit impossibly high notes. The bands principal songwriter Steve Williams is a melodic genius, and I couldn't help get the impression that this album is inspired by his own emotions and memories. 'Into the Light' is a song about overcoming 'darkness' and is awe-inspiring both lyrically and musically. The absolute highlight of the album.

Each song on this masterpiece has its own unique feel, style and character. There is not one weak song on the album from the brilliant opener to the theatric ballad 'Lost Without You' which includes some haunting female vocals. The quality of Neverworld is indescribable, and the album will never age or lose its appeal. This is the defining record of a band who have mastered the art of creation in many ways.

This album deserves 110% and is an impossibly well-crafted, mesmerising classic. No power metal fan is complete until they have sunk their teeth into this flawless wonder.

May the Quest forever go on.