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Modern Day Power, You Know What's Coming - 40%

Flamos, December 3rd, 2008

Ah, Power Quest. With this name you should be able to figure out that this is power metal. Now, you are also wondering is this any different than any other power metal band, right? Well, not really. “Reckoning Day” by Megadeth is covered here which is an odd choice but it’s satisfactory. I mean, the original isn’t the greatest song ever, so the cover won’t make it any better. The first song is titled “Cemetery Gates,” don’t worry this isn’t a Pantera cover. From the first riff you now realize this is another power metal band that loves the keyboard. This is one of the few stand out songs on the album, even though it’s not very original. Hell, none of this is, but you should’ve expected that. “Save the World” is another one I like, the solo sounds nice and the keyboards actually fit with the song.

Now, originality isn’t the only problem here. The vocals aren’t very good, I mean, Alessio Garavello does his job here on rhythm guitars, but his vocals are a little too stale. The lyrics themselves are typical of the genre, very typical. “Civilized?” stands out from the rest by the lyrical standpoint, and it’s somewhat interesting. The album itself suffers from bland lyric writing. The musicianship here is good. Andrea Martongelli has some nice solo work, which does make the album a little more enjoyable. Steve Williams should be considered a criminal here. The overpowering keyboard he plays is one of the more annoying things on this album. Don’t get me wrong I like some keyboards in my music, but damn this is blanketed with them. It’s probably more of the productions fault, but it’s still bothersome all around. Steve Scott on the drums does his job here, nothing more. He has no work on here that stands out, probably due to the lame songwriting. Francesco Tresca’s bass playing is hard to notice, due to production. The line-up is talented, no doubt. I just wish they could show some originality. The modern day power metal scene is heavily overcrowded with the same type of bands doing the same type of music. So none of the talented musicians will be recognized until they break the stranglehold.

The songs themselves are hardly exciting. As I mentioned earlier, “Save the World,” “Reckoning Day,” and “Cemetery Gates” are all good tracks. Sadly, that’s where it ends. Most of these songs are not memorable at all. You’ll forget them as soon as you’re finished with the album. If you’re into the modern day power metal, you’ll probably eat this up. If you’re looking for something original and fresh, this defiantly shouldn’t be on your list. The cool cover is enticing, but be careful. Talented band, horrible release.