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Potentiam - Bálsýn

An outstandin masterpiece - 99%

pdepmcp, December 13th, 2005

Bálsýn by Potentiam is one of that masterpieces that last for a long long time, but very few knows something about it. A sort of secret treasure to be hold and kept among the fews. In two words a cult masterpiece.
The music is somewhere between gothic and black metal. We could call it a sort of gothic metal with a strong black flavour.

Mid-tempos are melted with slow parts, but here and there we can find some faster parts that break in the emotional veil of balckness of this opus with a brutal and ferocious assault. A great guitar work made of good riffs and acoustic parts is the foundation for the voices that drive the listener to a melancholic world. The voice is sometimes clean and declamatory, sometimes is grim and screamed, but the most interesting parts are where it sings with a more operatic style. This style is not easy listening at all, and may be it will keep a lot of people away from this record, but listening after listening, song after song, it becomes a sort of drug we are addicted to.
Keybords help to make it all more emotional, and are very well melted in the music, but Bálsýn is not another keybord oriented gothic record. There is not any predominant instrument, this record indeed is built upon the union of every element; each instrument encounters, shatters and then merges with all the others.
The only element I can criticise is the drum, which is, technically speaking, not as good as the other instruments. Anyway it's really inspired so that's not too bad.

the songs are all very good and the differences among them are very marked, so that the listener is never bored by the listening, but they merge perfectly in a unique blend of darkness and melancholy.
In Bálsýn we can find two dark ambient and somehow disturbing tracks, a catchy instrumental track led by a trumpet melody, a very aggressive, almost death song, merged with the others more Potentiam-style songs. So this is, at the same time, a polyhedral but homogeneous piece of art.

I suggest anyone to listen to this record more than once, because it's not an easy record and it needs attention and devotion, but it's a masterpiece of rare beauty and composing maestry.