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A more mature Possessed... - 86%

bastos666, March 14th, 2008

Unfortunately, this is the last release from the “classic” Possessed. Soon after this, the band demised and the members parted ways. Even so, this little EP is very good and features a different and more mature style of Possessed. As stated by the band itself, the trademark Satanism is almost ditched (except on “Swing of the axe”, an old re-recorder classic) and the main lyrical theme is now Becerra’s inner feelings.

The music itself is different too, as the other user said this is basically a thrash EP loosing the Death Metal characteristics from earlier albums. We can tell that from the clean (and impeccable) production and from Jeff’s voice that is now cleaner and not so aggressive.

The riffing is very good and the drumming is very consistent but nothing outstanding. All the songs are good but my favourite is the title track. That song creeps me out and that chorus is pure headbanging material!

Despite a short change of direction of the band’s musical style this will not disappoint older Possessed fans. Highly recommended!

Highlights: “The Eyes of Horror”, “Swing of the Axe”