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More thrashy than any other Possessed I've heard. - 100%

Scrotal_Salad, June 5th, 2005

This is by far the thrashiest album I've heard put out by Possessed. It's a pity it's only five songs. There isn't one song where you listen and just go, "Eh..Next track." That's just not a possible reaction to this CD.

The guitar work on this EP is just amazing and I think that's mostly due to Joe Santriani producing it and I've heard he also gave the guitarist lessons. Every song is cocked-full of catchy, timely riffs. Never a dull moment riff-wise. The drumming is your typical thrash drumming and it done well. Nothing too special, but it matches the music perfectly. The vocals sound pretty similar Lemmy at time. They go in nice with the music. They sound so tortured and full of agony which is perfect for Possessed's style of thrash. Nothing special about the bass. It does it part and nothing more.

If you have not heard this EP and are a fan of Possessed, or just a fan of thrash for that matter, I highly recommend you pick this EP up. You will not regret it.

Choice tracks: All.

Throwaway tracks: None.