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The Last Seal By Possessed... - 88%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, April 8th, 2008

Unfortunately, this is the last considerable (for the length) release by the thrash/death demons, Possessed. If in its precursor, that Beyond The Gates, we already noticed a big change of direction by this great band, here we have the natural continuation with more thrash metal oriented riffage. The production here is less clean that in Beyond The Gates and “Confessions” immediately shows its death/thrash metal load with great riffs and awesome, more melodic solos.

To continue we have the mid paced beginning to “My Believe”, suddenly transformed in up tempo with great galloping guitars parts and tapping solos. The technique level has increased since Beyond The Gates and the music quality is always high, even if the direction has changed. Becerra’s vocals here are less screamed but lower in the tonality, with the raw component always in the first place.

The beginning to the title track is pure thrash, made of lots of palm muting parts and gloom atmosphere. The solos here are really great and more melodic. The main riff is repeated ‘till the end, creating a really compact wall of sound to sustain the long lead guitars parts. The riff at the beginning to “Swing The Axe” always reminded me the one on “Antichrist” song by Sepultura. Anyway, this is another great thrash metal song, excellent to damage your neck.

With the last “Storm In My Mind” you can easily forget the death metal influences. This one is pure thrash, either on the solos or during the fast restart. The tempo is in Hellhammer style in some points and that’s great to me! All in all, this is a very good piece of thrash metal by a band that disappeared in a premature way, leaving us the memory of three great releases. I can only hope in something new from them as soon as possible.