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God is slaughtered, drink his blood! - 100%

ExodusAttack666, November 26th, 2016

If you are any death metal fan, you should thank Possessed for basically creating the genre of death metal. It has all the characteristics of a good death metal band, which includes fucking brutal guitar riffs, chaotic guitar solos, fast as hell drumming, and demonic vocals.

This was really the first album to have a genuine death growl. Slayer may have created the death growl in songs like the title track of Hell Awaits, but Possessed was the first to use it as a regular form of vocals. Jeff Becerra is fucking screaming his lungs out and creating a hellish demonic sound, spitting out lyrics about Satan and death. The drums are also fucking amazing. The drumming on this album is better than "Hell Awaits", which is a legendary album with amazing drumming from the master, Dave Lombardo. The best part of this album is the riffs. Mike Torrao is a great guitarist, and wrote a lot of the riffs on the album, which are fucking heavy, and totally brutal, that could compare with the riffs on "Hell Awaits" by Slayer and "Bonded by Blood" by Exodus. Seven Churches has fucking chaotic solos, shredding any traces of melody and focusing on all sorts of whammy effects and mindless shredding.

The highlights of the album? All of them! The best song on this album is "Burning in Hell", because it's fucking fast as hell, and the riffs are totally brutal, and the slow break in the middle shoves you into a fucking grinder, and rapes your corpse. This may be the best song in all death metal. Other highlights include Holy Hell, which has a ripping intro, that comes into a fucking heavy riff and some lyrics that come from Hell! The riff at the end of the song is also kickass. "Pentagram" is another highlight, which is a mid tempo crusher with unusual time signatures, and legendary riffs that kick multiple levels of ass, and the intro having a fucking brutal death growl. The intro to "Fallen Angel" is fucking amazing, with the bell setting the doomy atmosphere of the song. "Twisted Minds" has crushing riffs, chaotic growling, and a ripping solo that sounds like a serial killer tormenting his victims. There are also the straightforward thrashers, like "The Exorcist" and "Death Metal", the former based on a legendary horror film of the same name, with a solo section that predates black metal, and the latter being a fucking powerhouse, destroying all in its path, with its brutal riffage, and some nice lyrics about killing everybody with their hellish music.

I recommend this album to all metal fans. Anyone who doesn't know this album doesn't know metal.