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We rule by death metal!!! - 97%

Estigia666, July 17th, 2003

I'd like to quote Chorazaim (from Megiddo fame), from his review of this very same album: "if you've never heard this, forget everything you think you know about death/black metal, as you don't know shit". That could leave the review right there. From everywhere I go and see, so called "death metalheads" "proudly" stand from "the rest", even if they never heard the Possessed name, and how vital they and their music are to the birth of the genre.

Fuck them.

The album begins with 'frightening intro' and then kicks off with "The Exorcist". Pure fucking mayhem, as the incredibly well done production on this album preserved all the sheer malignant viciousness that was the soul of this band. Drumming is a bit unusual in the verses, and some brickheads would have a hard time trying to appreciate the whole spectrum of the songs because of this, but less power to them, I guess. "Pentagram" starts a bit "dancey", but it is still malignant as hell. This album doesn't have the best lyrics on the genre, but these are strictly to-the-point and have the passion that most of by-the-book death metal bands seem to lack these days.

"Burning in Hell" starts off fast, but waste no time and after a short good-old-fashioned lead guitar interchange, here comes this riff!!! Fucking evil and mercilessly crushing, it takes your head and apply enough pressure to have your brain come out of your nose. Awesome vocals to complement (you can never have enough of those animal-like vocals, courtesy of Jeff Becerra, the man that, to me, INVENTED the classic death metal vocal style).

More highlights: "Evil Warriors", great lead guitar, amazing riffs, nice breakdown somewhere in the middle (the "aaaaaaaarrrghh" and "six six six!!" parts). "Twisted Minds", great alternation between fast and midpaced riffing. And no, it doesn't let go, quit being a pussy and headbang, dammit! "Death Metal" ends the album in a great straightforward fashion as it is the simplest (but among the best) song here.

I could have done a song-by-song revision, but we all know how boring those are. Just a few more words, in case mine or the other reviews haven't convinced you to pick this up: 0% filler, non-pussy material, headed directly to your throat, death METAL!!!!! Still not convinced? Take your chances and get this. Waste no time, chances are that you'll like it. Of course, if you're a true metalhead, if you're not....well, you know what I think of you.