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Songs for a second SEVEN CHURCHES - 99%

JBMT, February 17th, 2009

What a shame Possessed broke up again after the release of this killer demo!
The three songs featured on this tape plus the seven other songs composed by Mike "Hell Hick" Torrao from 1990 to 1993 would have been an excellent album close to the first album, a sort of "Seven Churches Part Two" in a more darker, modern death metal form.
The first song "The Seventh Sign" is a blast from hell indeed. Very fast (drummer Walter Ryan tops Mike Sus in any respect except the latter's remarkable martial snare rolls) and vicious with great riffing and great leads and great vocals of Mr. Torrao himself that are darker and deeper than Mr. Becerra's were (and that means a lot!)! Lyrically the band has returned to its roots - songs about Satan and horror flicks.
The second song "Last Ritual" is even faster and more brutal than the first one with a tremendous chorus. It is without any doubt the fastest song Possessed have ever done. Welcome to my home!
The third and last song is called "Human Extermination" and is a blaster of its own. Not so fast as the predecessors are its qualities in a very gloomy chorus and brilliant leads combined with a horror intro and a riff that is very easy to remember. Its sole manko is its length. The song starts to get boring after a while.
As I said in the beginning, it's a pity Torrao didn't move on with Possessed after this divine offering and the other songs like "The Martyr's Wake", "Re-Possessed", "Blood For Blood" or "Over Reality" to mention a few that never made it onto any recording.
I'm sure the third full-length-album of Possessed would have been the absolute killer if released in 1993 or 1994 and today this band would be in the position to which she should belong. Torrao, just record these songs anew please and put them out on a full-length-effort! Thanx.