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Possessed > Death Metal > Reviews > ihateyou
Possessed - Death Metal

So close - 80%

ihateyou, October 11th, 2006

The first release from the death metal pioneers is actually not really death metal. This is pretty much thrash, it's heavy as fuck, but it's not quite death metal. The brutality in the production and vocals that were so inflential on Seven Churches are not present here. The production is actually alot cleaner sounding and the vocals are not a gutteral.

Death Metal is of course the highlight, and although it's not nearly as awsomely brutal as it is on Seven Churches this song still kicks ass. A faster, thrashier version is found here. Could easily have been on Hell Awaits in this form.

Evil Warriors is next and kind of worthless. I always thought this was the weakest song on Seven Churches. It is so much less brutal than the rest of Possessed songs from this era.

Burning In Hell is slow on here compared to Seven Churches. It is otherwise identical to that version.

I have a bootleg with Fallen Angel. I actually prefer that version over the Seven Churches version, it feels less forced. So this demo is definiely worth getting. It's worth it even to see the progression of extreme thrash that would become death metal.