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Possessed - Death Metal

Death!! Metal!!! - 87%

UltraBoris, June 1st, 2003

Or thrash, or even speed metal! This demo is what started it all, in 1984... though at times it sounds more like a tight-as-fuck Venom (Becerra does a wicked Cronos at times!), and it's interesting to note how much thrashier this is than the Seven Churches LP.

Exhibit one: the title track, riff at 1.30 - that is a pure fucking thrash riff, and it's gone in the final version, replaced by a faster, higher-pitched, less overtly bludgeoning thrash riff. But here, it's a raging thrasher not unlike Chemical Warfare. The drum flurry kicks in and the slightly faster, more chaotic riff, and then the solo - though it's kind of interesting that it sounds like there's only one guitar during the solo sections... apparently Brian Montana was completely asleep on the job! Oh yeah and how about that closing shriek before the final solo. Mark Osegueda, eat your heart out. And take Tom Araya with you while you're there. Becerra's vox are fucking awesome.

Evil Warriors: SCREAM OUT IN FRIGHT!! Little silly vocal intro, then the song is roughly similar to the Seven Churches version. As I said, the demo is superficially identical to the LP, including the total fucking ruleage of "Burning in Hell"... it's only if you're a Possessed fucking freak like me that you'll notice the little things like "hey wait a minute, that riff is slightly different". One more example... the melodic counterpoint riff in Burning in Hell is more overt, though under this solo there are definitely two guitars and the solo a lot sloppier and Hanneman-ish and directionless, so let's blame Brian Montana, but after that, the wicked thrash break (you know which one!) is more overt than on the LP.

Thus, to recap... it's thrashier, with the riffs a bit more accented. The vocals aren't quite as out-there... I hear Black Metal on Death Metal, and also a little bit of "blasting our way through the boundaries of Hell...". The solos aren't as cool sometimes, and at times the riff under the solo is missing (Death Metal), oh and Fallen Angel doesn't have any bells.

Wait, Fallen Angel isn't even on this demo!! There's 2 versions or something - I have no idea what the story is but some bootlegs have Fallen Angel, others do not... in any case, it was recorded at the same time.

So is it any good? Of course it's good!!! It's fucking awesome!! What it lacks in sheer must-kill, it makes up for in thrashing goodness. This one definitely qualifies as death metal, just like the album that succeeded it... and just like that one, it's a good solid slab of thrash. Worth getting - historical value: unbelievably high. Musical value: just about as high. The only complaint is that Montana's solos are goofy and not nearly as focused as those of Lalonde, and the guitar tone is far more ordinary... but enough of my bitching... there's only one Seven Churches, but this is damn close.