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Possessed - Death Metal

Kill Them Pigs! - 75%

Human666, April 10th, 2007

The first ever death metal demo? Nah, it gets close to it but it still stays thrash metal. Anyway, this demo is a real brutal thrash with a shitload of aggressive riffs and straightforward lyrics. It's a short demo which contains only 3 tracks within 10 minutes, and it's good like that because I prefer short demos which goes straight to the point instead of overlong demos with one killer side, and one filler side.

The drumming is primitive and brutal like a wild beast but it isn't loud enough for me and even blends a bit in the mix. It keeps on whipping and sounds pretty solid, but it really feels like something missing there with the drums...but it still sounds energetic. The leading guitar also sounds fragile and too much improvised. It sounds like it kinda there only for the presence, to cover a bit the riffs and add kind of variation, but it doesn't make sense at all and sounds like plenty of sudden notes without any bond.

Is it got at least some decent riffs? Geez, it got a PLENTY OF killer riffs on high speed in a furious mode which sounds like unstoppable buzz saw on 500 mph cutting some posers heads and splashing their blood all around and blowing their nasty minds for a ten thousand pieces!! Yeah, it's that killer! The riffs are the best thing here and they are very mad so don't piss them off!

Alright, all these 3 songs are pretty killers due to the overwhelming riffs assault, but they are interrupted by some unnecessary solos which drag it down a bit.
If the lead guitar was average and the drumming was a bit louder, it could be a great demo. But guess what? it isn't...

Well anyway, get this demo for the beastly vocals and outstanding riffs. If you like thrash you won't regret about this stuff because it's a really good demo with some weak spots, but if you can rise above it, you'll eventually gonna have some pretty enjoyable listenings!