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Death Metal Time Machine - 90%

sob, July 14th, 2006

"Not much on the recording.
It was recorded 01/26/87 in Parma Ohio
The Clubs in this are made it a policy ro record
alot of their shows for legal purposes"

Not even these words can break the joy of me owning Possessed live material. And to be honest, I really prefer this classic 80's live sound.

It starts off with the announcers presentation of the band and Sus's warmup drumming. Already chills in my spine starts to appear.

"March to Die" is not the best opening track if you ask me, but it immediatly takes you back to the old 80's clubs and makes you want to shoot yourself for not being born 15 years earlier.

Now, the most important thing on reviewing a live album is the sound. The sound is like I mentioned "bootleggy", but it is almost ideal for Possessed. You can hear the riffs perfectly (maybe it´s becuase I know how they go) and the vocals are really hearable!

Along comes some cool pictures of old flyers with Exodus, Dark Angel, Cryptic Slaughter and the classic pictures of Possessed. The layout however is quite ugly. blurry cover with just inverted member pics from the "Seven Churches" album.
But it´s still worth the money, I strongly recommend all death metal heads to buy this great live album!