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Non Euclidian riffs force the stars right - 95%

Iron_Harvest, December 2nd, 2004

After the strong impact "Seepia" had, in addition to the bands horrific and bizarre live presence, I was truly looking forward to hearing this release.
Suffice to say, it dosent dissapoint, continuing the journey into dimensions of dissonant and challenging deathmetal. To those yet to hear Portal, that might conjure images of prog tendencies, but rest assured that the core influence on this music is Immolation-esque technical death metal, but played with a genuinely unique ethos and atmosphere....songs segue into harrowing darkambient moments, punctuated by the curious and unsettling rasp of the Curator...its a rare moment to find a riff which does not mutate or spin off into chaos,although this is less prevelent than its twisting effect than it was on seepia.

The Lyrical focus is once again H.P.Lovecraft and Brian Lumely (many of the allusions in all portal materiel to date involve the Titus Crow novels of the latter), but presented in such a way that it is never self-concious or humourous, but closer to the antique horror of the 1920's expressionist horror films a quick look at the bands website will testify are an influence.
Whoever is responsible for the lyrics also possesses a remarkable gift for odd manipulations of language, conveying disturbing implications by use of truly odd spelling and grammar.
Coupled with the excelent packaging, these features give "the Sweyy" a density and impact far in excess of the short run time and the fact that two tracks are live recordings of "Seepia" materiel.