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Laughable - 5%

BindingApathy, November 29th, 2012

Note to the members of Portal: experimental is not synonymous with juvenile. There is nothing abstract, interesting, or innovative on this album; this is actually more similar to music cavemen would make if they were placed in a recording studio. The noise given off by this album displays nothing memorable, other than how much it blows.

Using the term noise seems the most appropriate as this album contains some of the most confusingly poor production of any death metal album I've ever heard. Everything is blanketed in pure static, and the guitars have an obnoxiously scratchy tone that make it impossible to actually get a hold of. The riffs also never change in any way, so there's no sense of direction or actual guitar work on display, it really just sounds like a vacuum cleaner that's about to fall apart. The drums don't fare any better; the crash is entirely too loud and the bass drum resembles a stick hitting wet cardboard.

Unsurprisingly, this production comes with some of the most mundane, worthless music ever conceived. There's no sense of anything here that makes any style of metal good in the first place; no melody, intensity, atmosphere, strong structures, or even some kind of personality to speak of. Each song goes through a very simple flow(if I can even call if that) which never builds up or deviates from itself in any way: unending tremolo picking(I'm pretty sure this entire album is played on the low E string), one tempo of blast beats, and vocals so haphazardly stuck in the mix that they do nothing but add more white noise to an album that's already complete nonsense.

One-dimensional doesn't even begin to describe this album...before every song starts, you know exactly what's going to happen. If you were to actively listen to this album or put it as background music, the effect would be the same as there's literally nothing to take from this from a musical standpoint. How this is classified as experimental boggles my mind, as this is really nothing more than incredibly basic black metal but without any kind mood whatsoever. If I didn't know any better, I would say this band started playing their respective instruments six months before they released this album. If that.

If you want substantial death metal, I would say this is one of the very last places to look. If you want a good template for how to not write your next piece of music, you've come to the right place.