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Old-School Thrash And Old-Grind Laughathon - 80%

Shirt_Guy, August 10th, 2008

Damn! These guys must really hate the human race! A closer look however shows that Population Reduction looks like something 2 guys made after cranking lots of 80’s thrash vinyls while getting high on anything they could get their hands on, then recording some raw, underground grind inspired by guess what? Yes, 80’s thrash (especially those guitar riffs)! Oh yeah, and lots of drugs too!

Merge that with old-school grind, from the up-n-down chords to the d-beats between blast beats all in a package of ADHD length songs with 80s underground production that would fit on a 7", and you start to get the picture. Then comes the humour In fact, this is more humorous than it is politically poignant, just check out the lyrics to “Black Metal Breach Party” - hilarious enough to make Immortal to slit the sides out of their black metal hockey team outfits.

It’s nice to hear some new grind these days that still sounds like it was made by humans bangin’ drums like pots and pans.

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