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The other demo is better, to be honest... - 80%

The Crazy Old School Music Fan, November 14th, 2017

Pohakka's other release is yet another demo. I don't know whether this came first or if the better produced demo came first, but judging by the date listed for this rehearsal, I think it is safe to say this one is first. If it is the first, it shows, as this demo, while not bad, isn't nearly as good as Minä kävelen vetten päällä....

Basically, if you heard this band's other demo, you already know what this will sound like, due to the fact that this is basically the same release. However, there are some notable differences between the two releases. The first of these differences is that this is a shorter demo, clocking in at only 14 minutes versus the other demo's 18 minute song. Another thing you'll notice is the worse production, as well as the lack of vocals on this one.

Overall, the production is what mainly ruins this. Yes, I understand this is a rehearsal, but the production doesn't suit the music very well, in my humble opinion. The cleaner production on the demo, on the other hand, suits the sound better. The production largely shows the band's more black metal traits production-wise, whereas the other release tends to show the more musical aspect.

Now, regarding the music. As I said when reviewing the other release, if you like funeral doom-paced black metal, you will likely enjoy this. While the production isn't very good, and the musicianship is slightly less top notch, the music is still noticeably Pohakka. I would actually say that this release is slightly more hypnotic than the other demo, but it is still extremely doomy nonetheless.

In the end, if you like this band's other demo, you will probably like this. Even in light of the flaws this has, it's still a great release, and one I would still recommend listening to.