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black metal's getting stupid - 38%

Noktorn, December 12th, 2010

I basically can't listen to stuff like this anymore. I've honestly become so jaded with standard black metal that shit like Pogrom 1147 is just obnoxious and I think labels put out albums like these just because there's nothing obviously wrong with them. I mean, all the notes seem to be played basically on time and there are songs. Cut, dry, print. I can't even work up the enthusiasm to actually HATE this album, it's just so boring and plain I want to wave it away like a gnat. It's dumb music.

Were you aware that this was a black metal album? Pogrom 1147 took it upon themselves to announce it with the monochromatic cover art that has UH SKULL, the sound (which fits entirely within anyone's notion of 'black metal') and even in the FUCKING TITLE. Are you expecting something unusual from this album? Of course not, and your expectations will be met by the music, with its annoying, tinny programmed drums and riffs carved directly from Darkthrone albums two through four. You've got 'Transilvanian Hunger' atonal tremolo (minus that album's nuance and atmosphere) and 'A Blaze In The Northern Sky' Celtic Frost stomp riffs (minus that band's grandiosity and sense of pacing). The vocals shriek, the drums tap along, the guitars buzz really loudly so you know they're for real- I could write this album in a week.

When I listen to this I'm basically unaware of when one track ends and another begins, which was probably a cohesive attempt to channel the black metal spirit or something, whatever. I feel like I'm getting robbed by spending my time to review this. Every riff sounds the fucking same, every idea has not just been expressed before, but literally hundreds of times before, and even the production is a cheesy, try-hard explosion of clipping and bland rawness. I'M AN ADULT.