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Interesting but.... - 68%

grimdoom, August 6th, 2010

After three long years of waiting with a compilation of their early material thrown in between for good measure the long awaited follow up to the great 'Iconoclast' album finally arrived to the bands eagerly awaiting fans. Never ones to settle on a specific style, as displayed on the aforementioned compilation, the band once again throws the listener a curve ball by going from Doom/Death Metal to a more sinister and generally pissed off Dark Metal sound. This was both a good and a bad thing.

The guitars are heavy, vicious and threaten to rip your face off for the bulk of the album. Igor's trademarked style is very much intact and more solid than ever. There is more palm muting to open chorded passages and tons of leads. The opening track is horrific and sets the tone for the whole album within the first couple of notes. There are a few solos but this is nothing unexpected.

The bass is also outstanding acting more like a rhythm guitar than a bass in more than a few instances but excellent in its delivery throughout the recording. This album also showcases the bands then new keyboardist Michael Leroy. He does a pretty good job of adding extra creepiness but given the bands style he doesn't really shine the way he could've in another band.

The drums are as good if not a little better than on the bands prior album. Tight, pounding and relatively creative. The vocals are probably one of the better parts of the album over all. Claudio really out did himself especially with his clean vocals showing that he is a very versatile singer. They lyrics are based on a dark concept, listen for yourself to find out the topic.

The production is good but not what it should've been feeling weak in more than a few places. As a whole this album can be halved. Part of it is not bad the other part is just bad. Whether it was lack of ideas or simple apathy is unknown but literally after middle of the album the repetition of the bands new found direction wares on the listener. The over all sound/vibe is just dark, bitter and anxious and it will make you feel uncomfortable while listening to it. This is worth getting if you dig the band and/or Dark Metal.