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Plutonium - Wind of Change - 85%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

When I got this demo I actually thought it’d be a crust or grind demo, judging from the cover. So imagine my surprise when it’s harsh industrial black metal instead. The Norwegian black metal scene probably stands for a lot of inspiration to Plutonium. Not the ordinary old school Darkthrone worshipping though, but more to the Thorns and later era of Mayhem agenda.

The demo opens with a very industrial bit; Introducing the Dominance is set in a militaristic marching beat, draped with cold riffing. And the whispering, gurgled screams makes it boil with hatred. I absolutely love the ‘never’ echoing in the background towards the end of the song. A very chilly and powerful opening track! After that the demo continues in a less industrial fashion. The slow, mesmerizing riffs of Where Dead Children Feeds the Streets sets me in a trance, having me slowly tilt backwards and forwards in an ordinary catatonic fashion. World Wide Vulture packs and entirely different punch though, as we’re thrown into a thunderstorm of blazing speed, wicked (still just as chilly and mesmerizing, though) riffing and spiteful screaming. Plutonium also shows off an unusual style of breakdowns, almost like the ‘stop and go’ fashion of hardcore. Don’t worry though, there’s not a whiff of hardcore close to it otherwise! The demo comes to an end with the track title Wind of Change; a highly industrial and noisy outro.

Normally I try not to do these track-by-track reviews, mainly because I don’t like reading them myself. But I felt that all four tracks on here deserved to be mentioned ‘cause they all differ from each other and they all offer something unique to the record. What we have here is a diverse demo, still gathering all the different styles and fashions into a whole. A very interesting debut. The band finished mastering their debut album a short while ago, so I’ll hopefully get another powerful dose of Plutonium soon!

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