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Plector - Suppressed Aggression

Plector - Suppressed aggression - 65%

Phuling, July 21st, 2008

Initially I’m very engaged to Suppressed Aggression, as the opening track is extremely energetic. I can’t help but to rock along and enjoy the burly screams. But over time I unfortunately start to lose interest.

At times my minds drifts towards to At the Gates, but only briefly since not a whole lot is similar, just those brief moments. Plector still remains in the land between thrash and melodic death metal. I’m without a doubt not the right man to ask for influences; I normally despise thrash/death, and I absolutely hate the typical Gothenburg sound that’s developed. But, Plector is not one of those In Flames copies. They’ve taken the melody of thrash, the heaviness of death and rocked the hell out of it with some Motörhead flirtations. And it’s this that creates the warmth and energy that really makes a guy rock along. But not only that, Entombed might pop out its head for a visit.

There seems to be a will to not stand bland in the crowd, but rather stepping out of the crowd and lead. The musicianship is great, and they’ve crafted a couple of songs that’s really energetic and killer. The writing feels mature, but they’ve still got some maturing left to do. I’m convinced they’ll get tons of fans, and they certainly deserve it, but another demo is probably needed before they really hit it big.

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