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Metal Priestess - 1981 - 98%

Rev_Abortion, July 1st, 2004

Released in 1981, this Ep shows a band in the begining stages of what would become an infamous career. A very traditional Rock based Metal sound, with powerfull vocal arragements that range from slow clean singing, to rageing raspy screams, guitars wailing with tons of melodic rythms that build with strength few could emulate. With 6 tracks of pummeling metal prowess this Ep is a classic album every metal head should be quite familiar with. Wendy O's voice is a unique hybrid of influences that she shapes and commands in well done patterns, and on this album (like all Plasmatic's albums) words do little justice.

With an album title like "The Metal Priestess" you better fucking deliver the goods musically, and there is no room for complaints here. Many influences are rampant through out this release, most clear in the guitar work would be a strong New York punk influence, and total Motorhead worship while still retaining a completely independent, and ground breaking sound, or style. Catchy rythms pulse with the sexual overtones that Wendy O always seemed to conjure. With lines such as "Harder Faster", "Millions orgasm untill they die", and "Were made for sex", not to mention song titles like "Black Leather Monster", and "Sex Junkie" if you cant pick up on a few things there then your just fucking retarded. Holding there own along sides such classic Metal bands as The Mentors, and Motorhead (which is a feat in its own right) no one could out do the stage antics, and overt sexuality of Wendy O Williams, and The Plasmatics.

My personal picks would be Masterplan, and Sex Junkie because not only are they easily recognizeable tunes by this killer band, but are true testaments to what Metal will always stand for.

This Ep is a Heavy Metal classic which will stand the test of time for all the generations of Metalheads to come. RIP Wendy O, the True Metal Priestess!!!