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Mindfuck "Metal" - 85%

Gojira, March 15th, 2009

Now, I cannot stress this enough, some music is just not for everyone. Sure, there are some artists that strive to be different, try to be wacky. Yet they still somehow garner critical acclaim from many major "mainstream" sources and are frequently mentioned online by "kvlt" and "underground" people. I dare you to find Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Decibel, any of those big names sit down and interview Planet AIDS. A band of their type defies categorization as Metal, upon hearing this EP. I don't know how they made it on here, and I'm not a religious man, (Though I did attend a service today, guilted) but by God, this is some fucked up shit.

You may or may not have seen a review I had written for a Gnaw Their Tongues demo, which has the best title of all time (Spasming And Howling, Bladders Emptying, Bowels Loosening, Vomiting Helplessly {Yes I committed that to memory, it's that epic}). This is quite in the vein of GTT, but just slightly more fucked up. If you have heard anything by 'Tongues, you will know, this is not to be messed with if you're fragile minded. It could break you.

It's only one track, 28 minutes in length, with little to no metal detected. A strange drum loop dominates the first half, with the vocalist who will not be named (As will the other band members) keeps a persistent howl throughout, which is eventually layered with growls, shrieks, and more howls, which give it quite a creepy atmosphere. As mentioned before, there is a very sparse instrumental presence. It makes you question whether some of the sounds heard are guitars, synths, real drums, etc. Every thing's distorted and stretched so thin that it's barely music anymore. A haunting atmosphere that brings to my mind a bleak, grey, bombed out landscape with people writhing in agony all around, providing the vocals for this symphony of utter woe and despair.

Very few people would have the patience nor stomach for this funeral/doom/industrial/ambient in even a small dose. There is little to no progression, and when there is, it makes your heart sink because your mind was becoming accustomed to the monotony. If this is what they wanted, the desired effect was a success. The lyrics are verses from the Bible, concerning the Apocalypse and Death and such. Certainly not a happy affair. It is a free download, or you can order it if you'd like to see what that booklet with a weird modified picture of a crowned Jesus is about.

I would recommend this for fans of Gnaw Their Tongues, Bunkur, Sunn 0))), or any of that other crazy minimalistic "metal" that would draw you to find this. Me? I found it on a review site and clicked it because the name made me giggle. This in itself is no laughing matter. This is the soundtrack to genocide, pestilence, anything that causes mass amounts of suffering.