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Tara Side - 66%

Sweetie, May 3rd, 2021

Damn, was that cowbell in a black metal record that I heard? Plaguepreacher are an up-and-coming Austrian act, bringing forth a dark entity of thrashy riffs under an overall black aesthetic, showing no mercy. Terracide is the name of their first EP that just dropped about a month ago, Being defined as “the destruction of a planet or ecosystem,” the music itself is a pretty solid reflection of that.

For an EP that’s only five songs, they really do seem to cram a lot into this. A style so speed-oriented makes it pretty impressive that they managed to stretch some of these songs to the degrees that are presented. Extra toppings like booming bass breaks and the aforementioned cowbell helpout with this. The way that they swap riffing styles is neat too; there’s a half-and-half approach with charred blackened riffs crawling in over blast beats, and straightforward black/thrash clobbering.

I will admit, Terracide does feel directionless at times because of how far some of the songs go. “Destroyers Of Light” is a solid banger of a tune for the first two thirds, and the way that it brings on all of their strengths is great. It shouldn’t have trailed off the way it does at the end. “A World Forlorn” is a bit more refined, delivering the evil and paralyzing message far smoother due to it doing everything it needed in the correct amount of time.

How much can you gripe though? This is Plaguepreacher’s first non-split outing, and at the very least they convey exactly what they’re going for well. More songs at fewer lengths could make for a pretty solid debut album moving forward. Things lean closer to the black metal side, so prepare for a hellish ride.

Originally written for Metal Inferno