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A highly underrated thrash album! - 84%

Daneels, March 31st, 2015
Written based on this version: 2012, CD, American Line Productions

Piraña is a Mexican thrash metal band I recently saw at the Elpee, a metal music bar in Deinze (Belgium, where I live BTW), acting as a supporting band for Hirax. The band delivered a short but awesome performance and I quickly took the chance to buy two of their albums, including this one.

Corruption is Piraña's second full-length album and it certainly is their best work yet. The album sets things off with the title track, a really catchy and explosive instrumental tune that acts as an excellent warm up for things to come. Then the band fires off all cylinders with six lighting fast, pulse pounding tracks, finishing off with a slower more guitar heavy song and another instrumental track.

Throughout Corruption, all band members shine with their respective instruments. Cesar's vocals are filled with anger and intensity, he and Samuel squeeze out awesome solos from their guitars (the song Thrash Wars in particular puts great emphasis on their skills) while Juan and Fernando definitely make a name for themselves with their fast paced bass and drum work respectively. The band members know each other perfectly and work together as a true team!

As for the lyrics, you can expect traditional thrash metal themes such as religious hypocrisy (Messenger of God), the government's ineffectiveness in holding back crime and poverty (Big Joke) and starting a thrash metal fueled revolution (Thrash Wars). Nothing very original, but their lyrics fit well enough with Piraña's razor sharp and brutal playing style.

My favorite track on the album is Hasta Reventar. An awesome, lighting fast thrash metal anthem wherein the band makes a perfect statement: they're here to stay and they'll play until they completely break down (or hasta reventar, as they say in Spanish). The song itself is the only track on the album which is completely in Spanish but it doesn't matter, as you will be quickly shouting "hasta reventar" along with the band, even if you don't know a single Spanish word! Another great track is the song preceding it: Destroy all Monsters. Another memorable track that acts as a perfect song to listen to while playing DOOM or Quake. Shoot to kill, indeed!

The album's cover is pretty nice, as it gives you a clear idea of what the band will bring to you when you buy this album. The grinning reptilian creature staring down at you while presenting to you a puddle of blood filled with skulls and even a bishop's head and a barrel of radioactive waste makes it clear that the band isn't fucking around.

While the album's penultimate track Viper isn't a bad song, it isn't as great as the other tracks. Piraña's true strength lies in their brutally aggressive guitar shredding and drum bashing as they have already proven in the earlier tracks. While listening to the song, I can't shake the feeling that the band members are holding themselves back.

What more is there to say? Give this criminally underrated band a chance and check this album out. If you're a fan of the old-school thrash slaughtering by bands like Slayer and Kreator than you certainly need to give this band a chance to bite your brain!